Figaro Havanese
Est. 2014 

RR#3 Petrolia, Ontario

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Figaro Havanese

Est. 2014

A Letter from the Bells
This note is a reflection about our experience with Figaro Havanese. As a first time pet owner and someone who had never picked out a dog before, I was very tentative. I had a million and one questions about being a dog owner. Erica not only answered the questions but she provided a wealth of information about what puppies require and about the Havanese breed.

When we went to bring home our new Havanese puppy, Koda, I was struck by how loving Erica was to all of the puppies. Her gentle, consistent demeanor made the puppies very calm. When she said certain words, all the puppies responded. When Erica took them outside and put the puppies in their enclosed area, and said "meal time", they all looked toward her voice. I was impressed.

Her place was clean. It was easy to see Figaro puppies were well taken care of. It was also evident that Erica loves all of her puppies and they adore her. We left there with all of the necessary paperwork. Koda was up to date with all of his shots.

At home Koda exceeded our expectations. His calm, happy, wanting to please disposition, and wanting just to cuddle, made having a new puppy an easy transition for our family. When I took him out everyone commented on what a lovely temperament he had and could not believe he was just a puppy. Also he learned routines very quickly. Erica exposed him to sounds such as fireworks and thunder so during those times he experiences zero anxiety.

Overall, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Figaro Havanese. For everything I mentioned above, but most importantly, for giving us Koda, our first family pet who has enriched our lives in ways we never imagined.

The Bell Family