Figaro Havanese
Est. 2014 

RR#3 Petrolia, Ontario

Sorry, no puppies planned for 2019!


Figaro Havanese
RR3 Petrolia, Ontario
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"Koda is the dream dog!!! He's amazing, he listens well, loves playing with anyone, dogs, kids, adults."
                                                                      ~ Margaret, Ancaster ON

Our Story...

Figaro Havanese is lovingly owned and operated by Erica Lazarakos, and is the culmination of a lifelong dream to breed and raise happy, healthy, purebred dogs. With so many wonderful breeds, narrowing down to just one was a challenge!
As big dog people most of our lives, we have loved and said farewell to a Newf and a Golden Retriever over the years. We "downsized" to a gentlemanly Shetland Sheepdog named Indy, who was a hairy delight all 12 years of his life.

​But pondering which breed would be the right fit for us, we knew we were definitely ready for less shedding. We’ve swept up (and scooped up!) over the years. Also, back-trouble meant heavy lifting was a no-no. Was it possible a smaller breed existed that would combine the sweet, gentle temperament of our big dogs, with the ease of a non-shedding coat?  
After much research, we welcomed our first Havanese, Stella, into our lives. She confirmed our research, ticking all the boxes in our “must haves” list, and stealing our hearts in the process.
Havanese are non- allergenic and non-shedding. Weighing in at 14 lbs, our Stella is small enough to lift with ease, make air/car travel a breeze, and leave delightfully small deposits in the yard. But even though diminuitive in size, she's no china doll. She's sturdy and ready for fun! In fact, Stella is a natural retriever. With a temperament set on "permanently sunny",  Stella is a loving little clown, who adores people of all ages.

Seeing what a great little momma Stella is to her pups, watching the miracle of puppies being born, enjoying their development as they grow and reveal their individual personalities and temperaments, all of this just fills me with joy. Again and again, as we share our lives with dogs, we are so impressed by our Creator and these glimpses into the complex and amazing world He made!

From her first litter we kept Stella's daughter Figgy, who can't quite decide if she's a cuddler or a circus perfomer. This darling duo keep us in stitches,  and very, very loved.
We think this joyful little breed will steal your heart, too.

" You care for people and animals alike, O LORD. How precious is Your unfailing love, O God!" ~ Psalm 36: 6-7