Figaro Havanese
Est. 2014 

RR#3 Petrolia, Ontario

Sorry, no puppies planned for 2019!
BPIS Can Ch Ashstone's Stella Nova Figaro


Figgy's 2018 Furbabies
Meet Blaze, Cosmo, Presto, Tux, Hero and Pongo!  
Proud papa is MRBIS CAN/AM GR CH Very Wonder Full Mano Gentis.
"Rebel" has the distinction of being #1  male Havanese in Canada in 2017 . Thanks again to Cheryl Drake, of AshstoneHavanese.

Can Gr Ch Am Ch Maisi Guantanamo Mokry Bandita
Rebel's Pedigree
Figgy's Pedigree
Figgy x Rebel puppies

Born June 10, 2018

Six adorable puppies already reserved by their forever
Figaro Families!


Baby Boy
This adorable boy has a glossy black coat accented by a sweet little white chin, chest and toes. 


Baby Boy
This little boy has a panda bear charm! Beautiful markings with a gorgeous white blaze. So precious! 


Baby Girl
This little lady was born with a huggable black & white coat.  Black patches frame her beautiful face and splash down her back, while her wee paws are white.  


Baby Boy
Black and white with tan points, this gorgeous boy has tiny white toes. His white chest markings inspired his elegant name.

Baby Boy
Our  dashing little Hero has sable and black markings across his white coat.  Such a beautiful boy!

Baby Boy
Precious little Cosmo has a luxurious B&W coat. His handsome black head with adorable white goatee will capture your heart. What a charmer!
Stella x Connor puppies
Born February 3, 2018

These sweet little treasures are already reserved for future Figaro families.

Baby Boy

This handsome boy has a sable coat with an adorable, masked face. He has a tiny white blaze and spot on his chin. His tiny little paws are black & white. 
Baby Girl

 Meet our spice girl with the beautiful sable coat. She has a white blaze on her forehead and sweet white-spotted nose and mouth.  Her wee paws are black and white.
Baby Girl

Our beautiful Rosa has a pale, creamy coat with a white blaze and tail tip. Her black pigment is already visible on her nose, and will frame her beautiful, almond eyes.  
Baby Girl

This little lady has a soft sable coat with a charming wee mask and a white chin. Her paws are tipped with black. Ronda has creamy cheeks and tummy.  
Baby Girl

Our Inca has a glossy black coat with tan points. She has a white blaze on her chest and little white toes on her back paws.  
Baby Girl

This little lady has a soft sable coat with a charming black mask. Her paws are tipped with black and she has two cute little white toes on her right rear paw.


Past Figaro Furbabies 

"Just want to let you know how Meelo is doing. First of all, you and Stella did a wonderful job! The vet gave him a clean bill of health. One of the girls took him on a tour to meet some staff.  While on the tour, something fell and made a very loud noise. Our little Meelo was not one bit afraid... His crate training is going well... He is such a joy to have around the house!"
                                                                                                                       ~ Donna, Sarnia ON

The Figaro 
"Super Puppy"

By the time our puppies reach their forever homes, they have been exposed to many different people, environments, sights and sounds. ​​
At 3 days old we start "Early Neurological Stimulation". 
Each week brings the puppy into new stages of learning. New textures, tastes, smells and experiences accomodate their development.

Research shows that a regimen of handling, socialization and play produces the optimal environment for good, stable temperament and the all the necessary ingredients for well-adjusted, confident, furry family members to develop.

All our puppies are graduates of "Beginners Housetraining" and "Crate Training 101". Working with their basic instincts, we teach them that a crate is a cosy "den". We also paper train our puppies, and in warmer months they take their first steps learning to do their business  outside. We work hard to get you off to a great start!
Our goal is to produce puppies that are sound in both structure and temperament. Our Figaro Families consistenly report that their vets are impressed with the health, confidence and temperaments of our pups.